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Enamel Pro® delivers 31% more fluoride uptake3

Enamel Pro® contains the same percentage of fluoride (1.23%) as other pastes, yet ACP technology actually delivers 31% more fluoride into the enamel.

Voids or tears at finish line are responsible for 51% of all impression errors.1

Enamel Pro is different. Premier’s innovative remineralization prophy paste is uniquely formulated to deliver ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate). Why does this matter? Because increased fluoride uptake is critical to strengthening tooth enamel and reversing the demineralization process. Plus, Enamel Pro prophy paste provides an intense polish and shine. Your patients will love their lustrous, whiter, brighter teeth.1,2  And the colorful swirl cups and great tasting new flavors – ChocHazelnut and Mixed Berry – will keep them smiling. Every time.



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Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste

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Enamel Pro® with ACP Technology

Enamel Pro® creates ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) when it contacts the patient’s teeth and saliva. As ACP forms, it is incorporated within the enamel surface where it remains even after rinsing. The available ACP helps prevent future damage by stimulating remineralization of the tooth enamel.4

ACP technology

Enamel Pro® creates a lustrous enameled surface

ACP fills in surface enamel crevices for an intense polish and shine. Enamel Pro® actually gives greater luster for whiter, brighter teeth.5

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